IAPRI World Conference 2024 welcomes the submission of papers across a broad range of topics related to Packaging Distribution and Logistics. General stream papers will be published in Conference Proceedings.

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Please note that once you have submitted your abstract you will need to register to purchase your ticket for the event.

Notification and submission

Note these dates in your calendar!

- Call for papers: August 7, 2023
- Abstract submissions: Extended until December 20, 2023
- Abstract acceptance notification: Until January 25, 2024
- Final paper submission for General Stream: Until April 19, 2024
- Final paper submission for Peer Review will be announced soon.

The organisation will request all the papers in order to publish a book of papers.
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Preliminar Key conference topics

Papers on all aspects of Packaging, distribution and logistics can be submitted. Key conference topics (under review) include:

- Packaging materials
- Product conditioning and packaging technologies
- Packaging machinery and technologies
- Packaging design and development
- Packaging for distribution of goods
- Hazardous goods and chemical packaging
- Packaging sustainability in the supply chain

ITENE reserves the right to include new topics depending on demand.

Abstracts and papers

Submissions should not be under review or published elsewhere prior to the conference. No more than two papers per registration will be accepted: one for oral presentation and one for poster presentation. The IAPRI 2024 Conference offers two streams for paper submissions: general and peer review.

General stream
Abstract submissions approved by the IAPRI 2024 Scientific Committee will result in the authors preparing full papers for the conference for either oral or poster presentation. Full papers will be published in the conference proceedings (with ISBN). Abstracts submitted to the general stream will be reviewed by selected members of the IAPRI 2024 Scientific Committee based on originality, scientific quality, innovation, and significance to the research community. The committee will accommodate as many oral presentations as the conference schedule permits.

Peer review stream
Completed (full paper) manuscripts submitted for the peer review stream will be reviewed by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.'s publication Packaging Technology & Science. Papers which are submitted for this option are subject to separate timetable that allows for the longer time involved in the review process.

Submission guidelines and templates

Abstracts for both general a peer review streams are to be submitted directly via the platform IAPRI 2024. The tool site is now open for the submission of abstracts. Authors are required to create a login using their organisation email address.

To submit an abstract via the general stream:
1. Prepare an abstract (150-300 words)
2. Log in to the platform (or create an account): https://iapri2024itene.tufabricadeventos.com/
3. Select ‘new submission,’ submit your abstract and select the category and select the category and group. Do not upload your paper until you receive a notification of acceptance.
4. Full paper template: Download the full paper template for submission with a maximum paper length of twelve pages.

To submit an abstract via the peer review stream:
1. Prepare an abstract (300 -500 words) as well as a paper in accordance with John Wiley & Sons Ltd.'s publication Packaging Technology & Science guidelines and template.
2. Log in to the platform (or create an account): https://iapri2024itene.tufabricadeventos.com/ 
3. Select ‘new submission,’ submit your abstract and select the ‘peer reviewed paper’ category and group.
4. Submit your full paper through Journal of Packaging Technology and Science website.
5. Abstracts are reviewed by the scientific committee.
6. Those abstracts that pass the threshold (as per the review of the scientific committee), will go through PTS for review.
7. The peer review stream is managed by the Journal Packaging Technology and Science (PTS)*. If accepted for further review, then you will have go to the PTS portal by following this link.

*The date for PTS Final Paper submission will be announce soon

If it not accepted for peer review, the abstract will be moved to the general stream.


For those submitting an abstract, once the organization confirms your abstract as a poster, speaker or paper, you must register as a speaker


· Opening Ceremony Ticket
· Access to all conference sessions
· Valencia Tour & Social dinner ticket
· Official dinner: ITENE's 30th Anniversary ticket
· Book of papers

590 € + 21%Taxes*
* This price applicable to speakers and colleagues registering from the same company

Before June 14, 2024


Committees and Secretariat

Scientific Committee

The members of the IAPRI Scientific Committee 2024 are being invited to participate due to their expertise across the broad range of topics to be presented at the Conference.
Members of the Scientific Committee will be recognized as experts in their field who have made significant contributions to the development of innovative research and contemporary practices in the field of packaging over an extended period of time.
Jay Singh – Professor at Cal Poly State University – USA
Gregory Batt – Professor at Clemson University – USA
Alexander Bardenshtein - Business Development Manager at the Danish Technological Institute – Denmark
Damien Erre – Professor at ESI Reims – France
Frank Welle – Business Development Manager for Packaging at FRAUNHOFER – Germany
Eric Martine – Head of Packaging Laboratory at HEIG-VD – Switzerland
Rafael Gavara – Research Scientist at IATA– Spain
Javier Zabaleta – Managing Director at ITENE– Spain
Carmen Sanchez –Technical Director at ITENE –Spain
Zhi-Wei Wang – Professor and Assistant President at Jinan University – China
Vanee Chonhenchob – Associate Professor at Kasetsart University – Thailand
Renee Wever – Professor in Industrial Design Engineering at Linköping University – Sweden
Daniel Hellström – Head Division & Associate Professor Packaging Logistics at Lund University – Sweden
Yves Wyser – Researcher at Nestlé Research Centre – Switzerland
Paul Singh – President at Packaging Forensic Associates Inc– USA
Changfeng Ge – Professor Dr-Ing at Rochester Institute of Technology – USA
Cristina Guzmán– Associate Professor & Researcher at Universidad de Monterrey –Mexico
Maria Jose Galotto – Professor at University of Santiago de Chile – Chile
Roland Klooster – Professor Chair Packaging Design and Management at University of Twente – Netherlands
Vincent Rouillard – Professor at Victoria University – Australia
Jun Wang – Editor-in-Chief at Wiley Journal of Packaging Technology and Science – China

Scientific committee coordinator

Nuria Herranz,Technological Consultancy, Technical Assistance and Innovation Manager of ITENE.
Contact iapri2024@itene.com

Conference Secretariat

For further information regarding the Conference please email Bárbara Ribes at iapri2024@itene.com
Phone: (0034) 961 820 000
Mobile: (0034) 672 387 696
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